BTS : Willem Dafoe / NOLA

πŸ“Έ Behind-The-Scenes: Willem Dafoe & Crew in New Orleans 🦐

I photograph crew with as much reverence and admiration as any actor in a cast. I love to witness the beautiful spirit and inherent humanity in people.

The camera is just a tool that helps me see. I hope that you can all see what I see too.

Thanks to the cast & crew of this Super Bowl 🏈 spot, for being so perfectly yourselves. What an honor to photograph you! βœ¨πŸ™Œβœ¨

And love to New Orleans for the funny ghosts and vampires, great jazz & blues, mouth-watering food, and that unique atmosphere.

There’s no city out there like you.



CLIENT: Mercedes Benz

PROJECT: Super Bowl Commercial

LOCATION: French Quarter, New Orleans, Louisiana

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