"Love is a many splendored thing…"

I am an artist // photographer // filmmaker // storyteller // traveler // curator // conservationist // meditation teacher // archer // a Battlefield (according to Pat Benatar).

I create visual narratives and interactive experiences for work and pure joy. I believe the world is a magical place and everyone's a hero on an epic journey. I am here to bring light, magic and voice to these journeys, and help these stories come to life.

I reside on the sparkly shores of Los Angeles, and sometimes on the misty docks of Martha's Vineyard. I am also a Travel Ambassador, so you can often find me on a plane, train or automobile, with a camera or two in hand.

Wherever I am in this Universe, I am here to co-create with you.

: : : : : CLIENT highlights:

• Mercedes Benz
• Giorgio Armani
• Nintendo
• MTV Networks
• Sony Music

: : : : : LIFE highlights:

• cameo in Web of Spider-Man comic book, issue #7, as myself
• ironically worked as Cher's body double for David LaChapelle
Bacon Number of 1 after photographing Kevin Bacon himself
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