"Love is a many splendored thing…"

I am an artist // photographer // filmmaker // storyteller // traveler // curator // conservationist // meditation teacher // archer // your spirit dream guide // the Queen of Cups.

Someone I deeply love once called me a Wandering Star.

I create visual narratives and interactive experiences for work and pure joy. I believe the world is a magical place and everyone's a hero on an epic journey. I am here to bring light, magic and voice to these journeys, and help these stories come to life.

I reside on the sparkly shores of Los Angeles, and sometimes on the misty docks of Martha's Vineyard. But you can also find me driving barefoot on the open road, or sailing with a ukulele, or maybe even sitting next to you on a plane to somewhere interesting.

Wherever I am in this Universe, I am here to co-create with you.

: : : : : CLIENT highlights:

• Mercedes Benz
• Giorgio Armani
• Nintendo
• MTV Networks
• Sony Music

: : : : : LIFE highlights:

• cameo in Web of Spider-Man comic book, issue #7, as myself
• ironically worked as Cher's body double for David LaChapelle
Bacon Number of 1 after photographing Kevin Bacon himself
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